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For over five years we have been one of the leading portals for Electricians emigrating to Australia and we receive thousands of enquiries each month from Electricians who want to emigrate.  Like you, they want a better life for themselves and their families.

The aim of Electricians2Australia is pure and simple; to provide you with all the information and resources to help you understand the immigration process specifically for your trade.  Our job is to help guide you through the maze of information and break things down piece-by-piece in easy to understand, plain English. Ultimately we want to help you realise your dream to emigrate to Australia.

Every case that we deal with is unique – from qualifications through to motivation but one thing remains constant and that is the desire for a better life; financially, professionally and personally. Here at Electricians Australia we operate with honesty and integrity. If you are eligible to emigrate to Australia we will move heaven and earth to get you there. If you’re not eligible just yet, or need more qualifications then we will tell you immediately. Take our Free Visa Assessment to check out your options, with no obligation.

How We Work
Electricians Australia offer unique Migration Pathway Solutions. After we are happy that you qualify in terms of skills, age, experience and qualifications we will refer you to one of our recommended Migration Consultant companies for which we usually receive a referral fee directly from them. This money is used to pay our salaries and keep the site going although we always want to be totally upfront about the way we work and we find that clients appreciate this.

Electricians Australia -Your questions answered

Because this site is focussed on helping all types of Electricians to emigrate to Australia we understand your trade and will likely have your questions covered. Questions like “are my qualifications valid?” to “what kind of electrical jobs in Australia are available?” and “how long does it all take?”  Our experience means we know the practicalities of moving your life halfway across the world inside out.  So get yourself comfy and start your journey here with our website, we have everything covered.

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