Australian CV tips

Australian CV Tips For UK Electricians

Getting your CV right for the Australian job market is especially important given that you are selling yourself from thousands of miles away.  What you need to do is create enough interest to persuade a prospective Australian employer to give you a call.  If you review and rewrite your CV from this angle, your final version will be very different to that of a CV that just lists your job history.

Here are some Australian CV tips to use as a simple guide when creating a CV for the Australian market:

Try to provide a brief background to UK companies. When creating your CV, employers in Australia won’t always be familiar with many UK companies. It’s sometimes useful to provide a brief overview of your employer’s business including what they do, and company size.

Don’t leave any gaps. If you took a year out, took a sabbatical, or travelled for six months, mention it, otherwise potential employers may wonder what you were doing during that time.

Think about the length of your CV. Australian CVs are more detailed than their UK counterparts and around four pages is about the average. Try to ensure that your information is as succinct as possible.

Limit the amount of detail per page. When formatting your CV, ensure there is plenty of white space. Try not to squash the text or make it difficult to read with small fonts or lots of graphics.

Spell check your CV! Your CV will be the first impression your potential employer will receive of you, so take time to get it right. Don’t just rely on the spell check.  Ask someone to proofread your CV to check for any spelling, layout problems or typos.

Attach your CV to an email. Don’t just copy and paste the text into your email program as it could end up distorted by the recipient.

Covering letter

A covering letter is a vital selling tool to introduce yourself especially as a potential employee from overseas. This is your chance to capture the attention of an Australian employer and demonstrate the qualities that set you apart from others.

Keep it brief and to the point. Your cover letter should ideally not exceed one A4 page.  Ensure it is well-spaced.

Tailor each cover letter to the job. Think about the structure of your letter. Don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Tailor your letter to meet each of the requirements listed by the employer, detailing how you are qualified to meet them.

Match the employer’s essential criteria. If you’re applying for an advertised job, identify your skills, experience and attributes that match the employer’s essential criteria. It can sometimes be helpful to use the same headings they have supplied, with a short sentence or two addressing each one. If you can demonstrate that you meet the essential criteria, you will greatly increase your chances of an interview.

Be clear and concise. Use strong verbs that demonstrate action and accomplishments, for example ‘organise’ and ‘supervise’ etc.

Proofread it! As with your CV, have someone review your CV and cover letter before sending it. If you want to be taken seriously, it’s absolutely vital there are no spelling mistakes.

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