Emigrating to Australia

If you are an Electrician working in the UK, Europe or North America and are planning on emigrating to Australia you are in the right place. Electricians like you are in huge demand right now due to their high level of qualifications, language skills and their ability to work hard when required to get the job done.

For many Electricians the road up till this point has been a long one and you will likely have been planning or at least discussing the possibility of emigrating to Australia for quite some time. We have seen a spike over the past year in terms of Electricians emigrating to Australia so, if you are considering making the move it is best to at least get the process under way whilst there is still space for you.

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We look at emigrating to Australia like any project. It is made up of a lot of milestones that are all dependent on each other. It is important not to get bogged down by over planning the process at this stage.

All the fun in planning the move such as where the children will go to school, obtaining employment, selling the house and planning the farewell parties are all well and good but largely irrelevant until we have at least some traction on the visa side of things. To put it bluntly, if you do not get the right Visa you are not emigrating to Australia.

The great news though is that your occupation as an Electrician is currently on Schedule One of the Skilled Occupations List now known as the MLTSSL, the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List.

This is the list of the most in demand occupations in Australia and is the first milestone passed.
The exact classes of electrician currently on the list are:

General Electrician
Special Class Electrician
Automotive Electrician

Confused about what kind of Visa you need for Emigrating to Australia and the process in general?

This section looks at the different types of Visa that are available to you as a qualified UK Electrician, as knowing what kind of Visa you need can be confusing.

Essentially, a Visa is a piece of paper that gives you the authorisation to live, work or visit a country for a specific reason. There are many types of Visa available and the right one depends on what your circumstances are and what you intend to do.  As an Electrician emigrating to Australia we’re going to focus on the ones that matter to you.

All Australian Visas have one thing in common. Everyone must either submit an Expression of Interest or be nominated. This means is that you are asking the Australian Government’s permission to apply for a Visa (more detail is available in this section).  What’s important to remember is that any potential applicant is selected based on their skills, health, financial resources, age, English language ability and any family living in Australia.  Race, gender and culture are not considered at all.

As with any Visa application it’s crucial that it’s right the first time as any delays can be costly and put your emigration plans on hold.  If you’re unsure about what Visa you need, please use this section as a resource.

Our Australia emigration experts are all specialists in Electrician Migration and can make the right introductions to specialists who will take care of the whole process from start to finish. All you need to do is click on the Free Visa Assessment box below to get going with a no obligation visa assessment.

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