Am I Eligible to Emigrate to Australia?

Am I Eligible to Emigrate to Australia?

The first question we hear when talking with potential new clients is am I eligible to emigrate to Australia. The answer is a little more complex than a straightforward yes or no. For a specific answer you will need to sign up for one of our Free Emigration Consultations with one of our partners.

In the meantime we’ve put together this handy guide for those who want to emigrate to Australia. Please don’t worry if your own calculations suggest you are not eligible… leave that for us to decide.

Step One: Am I Eligible to Emigrate as an Electrician?

Yes, three different classes of Electrician occupations are listed – Special Electrician, General Electrician and Automotive Electrician.

Step Two: You must score at least 65 points to be Eligible for Skilled Migration.

This is set down by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship – use the questions below to add up your score

Age                            Points
18–24 (inclusive)   25
25–32 (inclusive)   30
33–39 (inclusive)   25
40–44 (inclusive)   15
45–49 (inclusive)   0

*You can emigrate up until the date of your 50th Birthday but remember that the process can take 12 months or longer to complete.

If you are a UK Citizen with a UK Passport then you wont necessarily have to do your IELTS test. If you consider that you have competent, proficient or superior English make a note of the points available and add them to your overall score.

Level                              Points
Competent English    0
Proficient English      10
Superior English        20

Step Three: What is your Highest Qualification?

Level                                           Points
PHD                                            20
Degree                                       15
Trade Qualifications                10

Step Four: How many years have you been a qualified Electrician?

Length of Experience                                                                   Points
At least three but less than five years (of past 10 years)       5
At least five but less than eight years (of past 10 years)      10
At least eight and up to 10 years (of past 10 years)              15

How many points do you have so far? If you have 60 already then take our Free Visa Assessment immediately. If you don’t quite have 65 points yet lets continue:

Do you have a close relative in Australia – parents, brother or sister, aunt or uncle, first cousins?
If yes, then add on a potential 5 points

Would you consider State Sponsorship?  We can arrange for one of the States in Australia to directly sponsor your application!
If you would consider this add on up to 10 points as required.

There are a number of other factors which can add to your overall points score and it is a skilled balancing act to get right.  Let’s discuss your individual situation with you on a consultation call so we can cover all the options to reach your points score requirement to migrate to Australia as an Electrician.

We have assisted thousands of people with positive points scores as part of our emigrate to Australia service.

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