How long does emigration take

What sort of time-scales are we talking?

As you can imagine, every single case is individual so the question, ‘how long does emigration take’? really depends on you and your own personal situation and of course the Visa class that you are applying for.

As a general rule we advise that you assume it will take around 12 months. Sometimes it will be much quicker and sometimes a little slower but a year is a really good average to assume.

When the Visa is finally granted you receive what is called a ‘travel by date’ and this date is usually around a further 12 months or so. What this means is that you have 12 months from date of issue to activate your Visa. This can be activated by either emigrating and arriving in Australia or simply going our for a holiday and a fact finding exercise. From this point forward a Permanent Residency Visa usually lasts for a further five years before being renewed or upgraded to full Australian Citizenship and Dual Nationality.

We know all too well that it’s crucial to get the application right first time as being refused can tear a dream to shreds.  Talk to one of our Australian migration experts who can help you realise your vision of life in Oz, in the shortest possible time. They will also answer the question ‘how long does emigration take’ for you.

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