Permanent Residency Visas

What does Permanent Residency mean?

Permanent Residency Visas give you the right to live, work and travel in and out of Australia for five years from the date that your visa is granted. Permanent Residency also gives you other rights such as access to Australian healthcare, education and some social security.  The Visas that entitle you to Permanent Residency are:

  • 189 Visa
  • 190 Visa
  • 489 Visa (although a Temporary Visa it has a pathway to Permanent Residency)
  • Employer Sponsored Visa

If you’re one of many people looking at a longer-term permanent future in Australia, there are routes that you can take to settle indefinitely.

Australian Citizenship

Australian Citizenship is an important step as it means that you’re making a big commitment to your new country.  Once you have lived in Australia on one of the above Visas for at least four out of the five years that you are granted, you may be eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship.  However, there are certain terms and conditions that need to be met before applying. When you become an Australian Citizen, you get an Australian passport and no longer need a Visa to stay there.  It’s worth mentioning that British Citizens do not automatically lose Citizenship upon becoming Australian.

What if I don’t want to apply for Australian Citizenship?

If you have one of the above Visas and do not wish to apply for Citizenship but remain in the country, you will need another Visa that gives you the authority to travel in and out of Australia.  The Resident Return Visa (subclass 155) is another five year Permanent Residency Visa which allows you to maintain or regain your status as an Australian Permanent Resident.

The criteria of apply for this Visa can vary, but it’s the easiest way to get another five years in Australia.  Talk to us about it.

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