Skills Assessment

A vital part that makes up your Australian Visa Application is the Skills Assessment.  It’s a requirement that’s needed before any application is made and it’s there to prove to the Australian government that you are a skilled and qualified Electrician. The Skills Assessment is carried out by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) based in the UK, which is approved by the Australian government (Trades Recognition Australia).

What’s involved in a Skills Assessment?

All Electricians immigrating to Australia need to have their skills assessed against the Certificate III in Electro-technology, Systems Electrician qualification. You will need this to be eligible to apply for a full electricians License.

The Skills Assessment is a three-step process and includes the following:

  • A self-assessment – to determine if you have the required skills.
  • A paper-based assessment – to review your trade qualifications and work experience evidence.
  • A practical skills assessment including a technical interview.

You will be required to provide many documents to prove your qualifications and experience, the list is extensive and we will work with you to ensure your document bundle is full and complete to avoid any delays in the assessment process.  Both the technical interview and practical assessment are led by an approved Australian Electrician and Assessor, and involves a series of interview questions specifically developed for an Electrician. The interview questions focus on electrical work competencies; and the practical assessment involves a series of simulated activities that incorporate a number of the abilities relevant to the Certificate III in Electro-technology Systems Electrician.

What happens after I have completed a Skills Assessment?

When you have passed the Skills Assessment you’ll be given a piece of paper called an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR).  This certifies that you have been assessed against all the technical components in the Units of Competency in the Certificate III in Electro-technology Systems Electrician qualification.

There is one other unit called the Australian Context that you will need to complete in Australia. The important bit for now is having the OTSR, which makes one of the steps of your Visa Application.

When you’ve gone through the application process and been accepted for a Visa, the OTSR will allow you to apply to the state/territory licensing regulator in your area, for a provisional Electricians license.

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