The Emigration Process

The Emigration Process for Australia is a very complex affair and it’s critical to get it right first time because errors and omissions (however small) may result in significant and substantial delays – even rejection in many cases.

Rejections and delays in the emigration process not only ruin the best laid plans but for many, due to age and other restrictions they lose their last chance of making a better life for themselves in the sun.

Here at Electricians Australia we ensure that we find the right people do the whole process for you and even hopefully find you some great work opportunities. We are experts at the emigration process for Electricians to Australia and unlike some more generalist immigration specialists we believe in full disclosure of information, both for our clients and those emigrating to Australia without being professionally represented.

We believe that our onboarding team here at Electricians Australia represent your very best chance of a successful outcome.

We look at relocation as a well defined project made up of lots of mini milestones which all contribute to the overall objective of securing a Permanent Residency Visa or other suitable pathways to enable you and your family to live and work in the Sun.

The Emigration Process Explained in a step by step guide.

1. Is your occupation on the Australian ‘in demand’ list?
The good news for UK Electricians is that the three main categories for Electricians: General, Special Class and Automotive are in critical demand right now across all of Australia.

Note: Just because it is in demand at present does not mean that it will continue to be so forever. If you are an Electrician wanting the opportunity to emigrate at some point over the next few years now is the time to start the process. Take our Free Visa Assessment today to check your eligibility.

2. Can you score 60 points on the Skilled Migration Points score?
Find out by taking our Free Visa Assessment to let our experts in Electrician Migration assess your points. Alternatively check your points score on our eligibility page

3. Have your Skills Assessed and receive a Positive Assessment.
Our experts can take care of all the paperwork for your Skills Assessment from initial TRA Assessment through to building a decision ready bundle for the assessors and ensuring all the necessary documentary and physical evidence is clear, fair and relevant. We will use the best Skills Assessing body for your skills (there are three to choose from) and do everything to ensure a positive outcome first time. See our dedicated Skills Assessment page for more information.

4. Now is the time to start the recruitment process.
If you have already¬†been applying for jobs in Australia, you will understand the frustration of not hearing back from potential employers or falling down at the first hurdle as you¬†don’t have the right to live and work in Australia yet, let alone have started the emigration process. With a positive Skills Assessment you will find employers more engaging and willing to open discussions with you. It is still a long and arduous process so we recommend starting this as soon as you have a positive Skills Assessment.

5. Expression of Interest
Now is the time to submit your online Expression of Interest. Again, we recommend that you leave this to our professionals as it is so important. For those going it alone anything you say here must be truthful, accurate and be able to be substantiated by physical evidence. This is the time that you could make representation to various States and Territories for Nomination or Sponsorship (if needed).

6. Receive Invitation to Apply & Send Off / Upload All Documents and Paperwork
Do not make any mistakes at this point and make sure your evidence backs up entirely all the aspects of your Expression of Interest. If there is a mistake at the this stage all the hard work and effort above will have been for nothing.

*We have omitted the IELTs assessment because it does not necessarily apply to everyone in all cases.

We know the emigration process for Electricians to Australia inside out and have many collective years of experience. Rest assured that all our efforts will be focused on securing a successful outcome for your case.

Why not take the easy option and let us worry about the whole emigration process for you so you can concentrate on the fun and exciting aspects of your International move.

Take our Free Visa Assessment today, just click on the yellow box below to get started.

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