Move to Australia check-list

We’ve set out a detailed check-list about what you should consider before leaving and on arrival to your new life.  Hopefully this should create a clear picture about what’s involved in whole process of moving to Australia.

 In the first 24 -12 months before you should:

  • Start planning your move.
  • Discuss and seek advice from family & friends. Research about where to you want to live.
  • Research about potential job opportunities.
  • Apply for a Visa.
  • Budget for the move and start to reduce any debts.

Six months before you leave you should:

  • Update your CV.
  • Search for jobs in Australia.
  • Apply for Employment.
  • Apply for Australian Health Insurance.
  • Enrol your children into a local School.
  • Apply/Enrol in a University/College.
  • Consider if you want to put your current house on the market.
  • Search for temporary accommodation before you leave and in Australia.
  • Sell any unwanted items.
  • Renew passport and ensure it covers the duration of your Visa.
  • Book your flights to Australia.

One month before you should:

  • Consider booking a hire car at your arrival destination.
  • Book temporary accommodation in Australia.
  • Gather all financial/tax statements.
  • Gather all utility statements.
  • Collect all medical files.
  • Pay off all outstanding bills and cancel accounts.
  • Consider selling your house, car and/or belongings.
  • Transport/ship some belongings to Australia.
  • Buy some Australian currency.

On arrival to Australia you should:

  • Collect any hire car on arrival.
  • Check-in into temporary accommodation.
  • Familiarise yourself with your location and surroundings.
  • Purchase a prepaid mobile phone.
  • Purchase prepaid internet for your computer.
  • Contact family & friends
  • Register at your local consulate.
  • Visit Centrelink for employment and financial assistance.
  • Visit chosen school or childcare.

In your first three months in Australia you should:

  • Find permanent accommodation (to rent or purchase) in Australia.
  • Obtain a tax file number (TFN).
  • Obtain an Australian driver’s license.
  • Purchase a new/used car.
  • Set up Medicare.
  • Find an accountant.


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