Estimated Costs

Starting a new life in Australia is incredibly exciting, but can be quite costly.  With any move it’s important to be aware of the estimated costs so you can budget carefully.  Not only are there the visa costs, but other expenditures to take into account are the extras you may not have thought about such as: medicals, shipping, moving your money (including pensions), not to mention buying your flight. With this in mind, we have broken it down so you have some idea of the overheads involved.

Visa Costs

The cost of a visa can vary greatly depending on which one you apply for.  As a guide, a five-year Business Visa can cost around £2,000 and a four-year Family Visa can be in the region on £2,500.  In addition to the Visa there are also the medical and police reports, which are usually around £250 per person.

Shipping & Pet Relocation

Shipping your personal belongings can cost anywhere from £1,000 to £5,000 – depending on how much you need to ship. Pet relocation can cost anything up to £3,000, not to mention the time it takes to get your furry friend through quarantine.  In addition to this you may want to think about insurance, which can come to an extra 10% on top.  Our web pages on shipping and pet relocation go in to a little more detail for you.

Selling Your House

If you’re selling a house in the UK there’s the usual estate agent and legal costs to be mindful of.  However, don’t forget to include any long term contracts that you might need to either cancel and buy out, or keep going such as internet or phone plans.

Your Flight

Flights to Australia vary depending on where you’re flying to and if you have any stopovers.  Most flights average around £600-£700 per person one-way.  Take a look at our flights page to find out more.

Renting a house

If you want to rent a property in Australia, there’s a great deal to choose from.  However, the abundance of property doesn’t always translate into getting a cheap deal.  You can take a look at some of the properties available online to get an idea of the price at

Buying A House In Australia

As in the UK, buying a house means additional costs.  There are the usual solicitor’s fees, but in Australia you will need to get buildings and pest inspections carried out as part of the contract. You can expect to pay around $600 for a solicitor, with the inspection costing no more than $150. You are also required by law to insure the property once you enter the contract, however most insurance companies cover the house for free if you continue the insurance for the first year.

Driving A Car

You can drive on your English driving license in Australia for a three month period, after then you will need to get an Australian driving license which can cost as little as $28 for a one-year license.  But by far the best option is to purchase a five-year license, which is around $70.  Note that the cost also depends on the state/territory that you are in.

If you want to buy a car, the costs vary from state to state allowing for different legislation, but take into account the registration and insurance when looking at cars.  Registration is approximately $600 per year and insurance can easily be $600 upwards, although insurance isn’t necessary in some states like Queensland.

Medical Cover

Depending on your Visa, some allow you to enrol on Medicare, which is the Australian healthcare system.  However not all items are covered such as: dental work, most optical services and even ambulances. Even if you are able to enrol on Medicare, it’s worth purchasing health insurance for you and your family.  Our web page on Medicare explains a little more about the system.

Other Costs

When moving to Australia, don’t forget include the usual costs of moving such as: phone installation, mobile phones, internet access, cable TV, and any furniture you need to buy.

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