Pet Relocation

If you have a pet, then chances are you would want to take them with you when you emigrate to Australia.  Ensuring that your pet is cared for along the way is of utmost importance and there are numerous companies that specialise in Pet Relocation and can do this for you.


As Australia is free from many of the animal-related diseases found across the globe, the Australian government understandably has strict quarantine rules. The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) oversees the import requirements for all animals entering the country, including domestic pets.

Dogs, Cats and Horses from the UK are generally accepted but subject to quarantine controls. Other household pets such as: Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and Caged Birds are mostly not allowed.

As a rule, Cats and Dogs must have been continuously living in the UK for a minimum of six months and must be at least six months old at the time of export.  In addition, your Cat or Dog must be micro-chipped before entering Australia and you should check with the local state council you will be moving to, the kind of microchip they require.

Overall a period of 180 days must be factored in when taking your Cat or Dog out of the UK to Australia.  The more time you give from the time your pets’ blood is sampled, the less time your pet will be in quarantine in Australia.

Be aware that some breeds not permitted to be imported into Australia under legislation. For example, Cats that are a cross breed with a Feral Cat are not permitted, as well as certain breeds of Dog.  In terms of cost, if you have a Dog it’s estimated that you would need around £3,000 to cover relocation fees.



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