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G’day and welcome to Electricians Australia!

If you have found yourself here then it’s clear that you’re seriously considering living and working in Australia. It’s a wise move. Not only is Australia a beautiful and vibrant country, it has lots to offer including excellent living standards and plenty of work opportunities.

You may have many reasons for considering leaving to work in Australia.Lots of people think about it but never get further than the dream. But before we go any further we want you to know that as a qualified Electrician, Australia is crying out for you.

With that in mind, you can now start to explore your options. Having a trade that’s in demand is a huge advantage, all you need to do is decide whether you wish to pursue your dream or let it go.

Start the journey

As one of the leading immigration information portals to Australia, we receive thousands of enquiries each month from Electricians who want to work in Australia.  Like you, they want a better life for themselves and their families.

Our aim here is pure and simple; to provide you with all the information and resources to help you understand the immigration process specifically for your trade.  Our job is to help guide you through the maze of information and break things down piece-by-piece in easy to understand plain English. Ultimately we want to help you realise that your dream to emigrate to Australia can come true.

From listening to all kinds of Electricians on a daily basis, we understand your trade and respond to your common questions.  Questions like “are my qualifications valid?” to “what kind of electrical jobs in Australia are available?” and “how long does it all take until i’m working in Australia?”  Our years of collective experience assisting Electricians to emigrate means we know the practicalities of moving your life halfway across the world inside out.  So get yourself comfy and start your journey here with us, we have everything covered.

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