Are my qualifications valid?

The first question that nearly all Electricians ask us is, are my qualifications valid?

The short answer is yes – your skills are transferable and are what Australia is looking for. Obviously there are many different specialisms, but if you’re qualified, you’re halfway there. Trades in general are highly sought after across Australia but none more so it seems that Electricians.

Being successful in gaining an Australian Visa involves many other factors, and it’s worth saying that the application process isn’t a cakewalk.  There are many other elements that make up the whole application, some are: your age, how long you’ve been an electrician, whether you have a partner and what they do etc  Besides your skills, a lot depends on your circumstances too.

In the first instance our partners will work with you to ensure that you have all the relevant documentation you are going to need for your application and they will also start to build out the framework of your skills assessment – often the most important part of the process.

This process is where most people who choose to do the process themselves fail. More details about the Skills Assessment process can be found in our dedicated section although for now, if you hold any of the following qualifications it should put you in a good position when it comes to the Skills Assessment:

Put simply, the Skills Assessment is a way of translating qualifications and experience over a certain level into their equivalent in Australia.

NVQ Level 3 Electrotechnical Services / Electrical Installation with ECS Card
City & Guilds 17th Edition 2382-10
City & Guilds Building Regulations 2393 – 10
Logic Part P Full Scope – VRQ Level 2

The following certificates are also desirable
Solar PV Installation Certificates
Renewable Energy General Certificates
Plumbing & Water Certificates

All skilled people who want to migrate to Australia need to undergo assessments to ensure they have the right skills that Australia needs.  What you need to know now is that once you successfully emigrate under the Electrician vertical you will be able to work in Australia from day one.

As you would expect in any developed country Australia has certain checks and safeguards in place so before being issued a full license, you will need to have your completed work signed off for the first twelve months and keep a record of achievement. Some States have electronic records of achievement whilst other are more paper based. UK Electricians are among the best in the world and we find that for most, qualifications and continuous training are part of everyday life.

If you need to undergo further training for a certain amount of time that is fine and you will be notified about this in due course – more about that later on. The important thing to note is that if you have any of the following qualifications then we should be able to get your emigration process under way ASAP:

We and our partners assist Electricians and their families emigrate to Australia to live and work on Skilled Visas. Our Electrician migration expert partners can take care of your Visa Application from start to finish, leaving you free to plan your new life.

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