General Electrician

For the purposes of Australian Immigration a UK Qualified Electrician is classed as a General Electrician if they install, test, connect, commission, maintain and modify electrical equipment, wiring and control systems.

The Immigration code for those emigrating as a General Electrician is 341111 and the occupation is on Schedule One of the current Skilled Occupations List, now known as the MLTSSL the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List. Essentially this means that have one of the most in demand occupations in Australia today. For those classed as a General Electrician it is potentially a very good thing!

Being on Schedule One opens up the top tier Australian Visas such as the 189 and 190 classes with Permanent Residency Status, although it is not automatic as you must also score at least 65 (sixty-five) points on the Immigration Points Test. We have some further information on the points score but don’t worry if your calculations come up short – our specialist electrical team will run through it with you in great detail, exploring every angle to boost your score.

Most information you will have come across simply repeats (unhelpfully) the long winded Australian Qualifications that are needed but they don’t link it back to their UK equivalents! This is where we are different. We deal exclusively with Electricians looking to emigrate to Australia and so we are best placed to work with you to determine equivalency and prove this via the required Skills Assessment process.

In short, if you have NVQ Level 3, City & Guilds or your Logic Part P you should satisfy the qualification equivalence test for the General Electrician category and whilst individual circumstances vary greatly it is worthwhile taking our electrical Visa Assessment to check your options with the experts.

There are many specialisms that fall under the category of General Electrician and these are trades such as Armature Winder, Electrical Contractor, Heavy Coil Winder and Railway Signal Electrician.

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