How to get registered

How to register as an Electrician in Australia

Some of the most common questions (and quite rightly so) are, how do I get registered as an Electrician in Australia? Will I have to do my apprenticeship all over again? What exams do I have to take?

The actual registration as an Electrician in Australia is relatively simple, but it comes after what is both a complicated but well trodden path – tens of thousands have made the journey ahead of you and we have assisted many of them along the way.

Whichever State or Territory you end up in we will advise you or the local licensing regulator and support you through the licensing process. Essentially it involves sending your Certificate III in Electro-technology to your local licensing regulator.

In Australia the ‘local’ regulator is usually responsible for a whole territory many times larger than the United Kingdom.

Your Certificate III in Electro-technology is granted after we have completed the Skills Assessment process for you here in the UK, and you have completed your initial years work in Australia. At this point you should be granted an unrestricted electrical A-grade license.

To recap – the steps to register as an Australian Electrician are:


  • Skills Assessment.
  • Visa Application.
  • White Card Application.
  • Initial 12-month period.
  • Apply and receive your Full Electrical A-grade license.

Our experts specialise in doing all the paperwork for you, so you can concentrate on with other important matters. They only deal with UK qualified Electricians emigrating to Australia.

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