Wages And Salaries For Electricians in Australia

What can I expect to earn as an Electrician in Australia?

The Australian economy remains relatively unscathed by the economic downturn and as a result wages and salaries for Electricians in Australia have remained buoyant, especially the ones like ours that are driven by pure demand and supply of skills.

Wages and salaries for Electricians in Australia vary depending on what you specialise in and where in Australia you are located.  Here we have included a quick summary to help guide you. Naturally, wages will vary according to your level of skill, experience and employer and is for qualified Electricians who have completed the initial supervision period and received their full license.

Job Title – Salary/Wage – Location

Electrician – Leading Hand ($60,000-$85,000 – NSW)

Licensed Electrician ($35-$45 p/h – NSW)

Electrician ($68,000 – Sydney)

Industrial Electrician ($75,000-$85,000 – Newcastle)

Fire Electrician ($45-$55 p/h – Adelaide)

Service Electrician ($65,000-$80,000 – Melbourne)

Electrician APS Level 5  ($75,000-$89,000 – ACT)

A Grade Electrician ($42-$52 p/h – Perth)

As a guide, the average weekly total cash earnings in mid-2012 for Electricians were $1952, giving an approximate annual income of $89,000, and the average weekly hours you’d be expected to work in Australia for a full time electrician is 40.9 hours per week.

As a rough indication $89,000 AUD is around £54,000 GBP in Wages And Salaries for Electricians in Australia


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